Outpatient Therapy. Textbook
Outpatient Therapy. Textbook
Под ред. В.Н. Лариной
Артикул: NF0024902
ISBN: 978-5-9704-7708-3
Год издания: 2023
Кол-во страниц: 456
Переплет: твердый
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This textbook is composed in accordance with the requirements of the current Federal State Educational Standards of Higher Education for the spe ciality 31.05.01 ?General Medicine? and with the training program for the subject ?Outpatient Therapy?. The textbook is organized according to the module principle and contains summary of fundamental knowledge of diagnosis, treatment, prevention of chronic non-communicable diseases as well as regular medical outpatients check-up.

The theoretical material is systematized, corresponds to state-of-the art achievements of science and clinical practice in the fi eld of internal medicine, accompanied by self-control questions and references to current literature for independent study.

The textbook is designed for undergraduate and postgraduate English speaking students studying this subject in Russian universities.