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Skin and Venereal Diseases. Textbook. Кожные и венерические болезни

Под ред. О.Ю. Олисовой
Артикул: NF0028424
ISBN: 978-5-9704-8477-7
Год издания: 2024
Кол-во страниц: 320
Переплет: твердый

The textbook is written under the Federal State Educational Standard of higher professional education approved by the Ministry of Education and Science of Russia on November 8, 2010, as well as the curriculum on skin and venereal diseases. The textbook is aimed at helping students master the vast theoretical and factual material needed when studying this discipline. All dermatological terms are given under the International Clinical Nomenclature.

For students of medical universities studying General Medicine and Dermatovenerology at theoretical (lectures) and practical (clinical) classes in the clinic of skin diseases and independently.